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The LSERS website offers valuable information to help employers, including access to member retirement information and online process through our secure LSERSWeb portal.

Contribution Rates
- Listing of current and prior contribution rates accessible from Quick Links on Home Page
Employer Login - Secure login to LSERSWeb portal to access employee retirement information and online processes
Forms - Listing of all LSERS forms from Resources on the top menu on Home Page
GASB - Information about new GASB requirements for pension reporting
Retirement Education Webinars - Present retirement information through webinars


These procedures will guide authorized employer personnel through the registration process and provide instructions for processing various retirement transactions online.
Contribution Payments Transmittal (4C) Online  - Submit check transmittal online
Contribution Corrections Report (CCR) Online (Webinar)  - Correct current year salary and contributions
Contribution Exception Report Online  - Report listing contribution exceptions by month and how to clear exceptions
Employer Access Change  - Update employer personnel access to online processes
Employer Charges Payments Report  - Report listing charges and payments by employer
Employer Information Update  - Update employer contact information
Enrollment Online  - Enroll member
Employer Registration/Access  (Webinar)  - Register for access to LSERSWeb
Employer Statement  - Statement provides prior year balance and charges affecting June 30 balance
Insurance Deduction Form  - Submit insurance deductions data in lieu of uploading a data file
Insurance Deduction Report
- To view the Insurance Deduction Report
Insurance Update Report
- To view the Insurance Update Report
Members Eligible for DROP  - Report listing members eligible for Deferred Retirement Option Plan
Member Salary Contribution Report by Employer  - Report listing reported salary and contributions by month
Member Status Report by Employer  - Report listing member data based on status (active, retired, etc...)
Retirees Return-to-Work Salary Reporting under Earnings Limit
 - Retiree Return to Work Earnings Report - RS 11:1006 Earnings
Retirees Return-to-Work Enrollments
 - Enrollment Online Retiree Return to Work - Enroll retiree return to work
Retiree RTW 1006 Earnings Exceptions Report - View Retiree RTW1006 Earnings Exceptions Report online
Salary, Insurance, and Retirement Uploads   - Upload data files. Data file layouts can be found at here
Salary Contributions Form  - Submit individual member salary and contributions in lieu of uploading a data file
Termination Online  - Submit member termination date