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Below are live presentations conducted from a central location that can be viewed externally by mass audiences from virtually anywhere via a computer!

Links to both the recorded training sessions as well as material used in each session are provided below. Feel free to print the presentation material; you may find this useful for note taking and following along.


Recordings Presentation Materials Date Time
Annual Employer Training 03/20/2020 50 minutes
Disability and Survivor Benefits 11/5/2012 13 minutes
DROP and IBRP 01/25/2017 13 minutes
Early and Regular Service Retirement 03/23/2011 9 minutes
LSERS at a Glance   06/03/2013 17 minutes
Retiree Return to Work Online
Enrollment and Earnings Report
06/04/2019 9 minutes
Salary Contribution Reporting 07/01/2017 6 minutes
What LSERS Membership Means to You N/A 25 minutes