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As required by the Constitution the Louisiana Legislature holds a Legislative Session each year. It can also hold Special Legislative Sessions that are traditionally called by the Governor.  LSERS is committed to providing information on legislation that affects the system and its members. Visit the Louisiana State Legislature website for more information on legislation.  

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2019 Regular Legislative Session

The Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature will adjourn on Thursday, June 6, 2019. While LSERS had been following several bills this session, only two bills affecting LSERS' members have won final passage and signature of the Governor:

  • Senate Bill 16 has now become Act 78 of the 2019 Regular Session. This Act authorizes LSERS to use a third-party provider to assist with the administration of the DROP and IBRP accounts of LSERS members.
  • House Bill 20 has now become Act 90 of the Regular Session. This Act corrects a state law about members being able to leave their employee contributions in LSERS. The law that House Bill 20 corrected had used an incorrect vesting period for LSERS members who first became eligible to join LSERS on or after July 1, 2015.         

The following bills affecting LSERS and its members were filed. To see the ending status of each Bill, please click on the Bill Number link: 

Bill Number: Author Summary Board Position
HB 20 Rep. Kevin Pearson Fixes an error about number of years to have vested in LSERS Support
HB 28 Rep. Barry Ivey Creates a hybrid retirement benefits structure for retirees hired on or after 7-1-2020 Oppose
SB 14 Senator Barrow Peacock Imposes 12-year consecutive term limit on trustees of state and statewide retirement systems. Neutral
SB 16 Senator Gerald Long Provides relative to investment of lump-sum benefits, including at LSERS. Would authorize LSERS to use third-party provider to administer DROP and IBRP and use stable value fund.    Support


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You also may check the status of any of the bills listed simply by clicking on the bill's name in the list above.  That takes you to Louisiana Legislature's website that lists the status of the bill, as well as other details about the bill.

Questions? Contact John W. Strange, Executive Counsel, by email or by telephone at 225.925.6484 or 1.800.256.3718 (if outside the Baton Rouge area).