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The LSERS website offers valuable information to help employers, including access to member retirement information and online process through our secure LSERSWeb portal.

Retirement Education Webinars - Present retirement information through webinars
Employer Login - Secure login to LSERSWeb portal to access employee retirement information and online processes
Contribution Rates - Listing of current and prior contribution rates accessible from Quick Links on Home Page


- Listing of all LSERS forms from Resources on the top menu on Home Page

GASB - Information about new GASB requirements for pension reporting


These procedures will guide authorized employer personnel through the registration process and provide instructions for processing various retirement transactions online.
Contribution Corrections Report (CCR) Online (Webinar)  - Correct current year salary and contributions
Contribution Check Transmittal (4C) Online  - Submit check transmittal online
Employer Access Change  - Update employer personnel access to online processes
Employer Information Update  - Update employer contact information
Enrollment Online  - Enroll member
Insurance Deduction Form  - Submit insurance deductions data in lieu of uploading a data file
Employer Registration/Access  (Webinar)  - Register for access to LSERSWeb
Member Salary Contribution Report by Employer  - Report listing reported salary and contributions by month
Member Status Report by Employer  - Report listing member data based on status (active, retired, etc...)
Salary and Insurance Uploads   - Upload data files. Data file layouts can be found at here
Salary Contributions Form  - Submit individual member salary and contributions in lieu of uploading a data file
Termination Online  - Submit member termination date