Greetings from the Executive Director

Welcome to the April Edition of LSERS' Employer news!  Of note in this issue is the
2015-16 Employers Pension Schedules and the Fiscal Year End is approaching.  Feel free to contact our experienced staff for any questions or concerns.

-Charles P. Bujol

Year End Approaching

June 30 is right around the corner.  Be sure to review your Member Salary Contribution Report, Contribution Exception Report, Retiree RTW Earnings Exception Report and Member Status Report by Employer.  Reviewing these now will prepare you for the July 21st deadline to clear exceptions and the July 24 deadline to report salary and contributions and clear all exceptions using a CCR.  After that date, any changes to salary or contributions for FY 2016-17 will require submission of a Form 4P, Prior Year Correction of Earnings and Contributions.  If you need any assistance with these, please contact Kim Stewart, or 225.925.4411.
Be sure to look for LSERS email notifying each employer that has outstanding exceptions as well as non-reported salaries.

Fiscal Year End 2016 Employer Pension Schedules

The GASB 68 Employer Pension Schedules will be posted on LSERS website on
May 1, 2017.  The Employer Pension Report that includes the Independent Auditor Report will also be posted on the LLA website on May 1st.

Employer Access Registration Reminder!

When there is employee turnover, don’t forget to delete the access of the designated personnel.  To do this simply send an email to indicating the name of the person to be removed.
To change the access of designated personnel, print the Employer Access Change form and have the agency head sign and date the form. Then email this form to
To register a new employee in, simply click on Login and select Employer Registration and complete the requested information.  Submit and then print.  Sign and date the form and then email to

Most Current Forms Online

Do you still have a folder of printed forms you use when an employee is in your office?  If so, we encourage you to go to our website and look for Forms under the Resources drop-down.  We regularly make edits in our effort to streamline and increase efficiency.   Downloading from the website ensures you are using the most current version of each form.   Additionally, many of the forms are fillable online.

Form 9 – Application for Transfer or Reciprocal Recognition of Service

  • Section 2 now covers all elections (transfer, accrual rate upgrade, and reciprocal recognition) and allows member to list multiple systems and indicates if they are transferring from more than one system to remit an additional $50.00 actuarial fee for each system.
  • Section 3 – Employer Certification has been removed as this information is to be certified using the Form 10A.  The removal of this section is to make the form more “member friendly” so they can conveniently complete the forms without having to rely on the employer for completion.
  • Section 4 – Reciprocal Recognition of Service (to be completed by retirement system officials) has been removed. 

And, as always, we appreciate and welcome any and all comments, as this helps
us identify ways to make improvements for you and provide better service to our
members and employers. Feel free to provide feedback and suggestions using
the LSERS Satisfaction Survey on our "Contact Us" page on the LSERS website.

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