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The August 2014 members' Crossroads newsletter is now available for online viewing.  Printed copies will be mailed by the end of August to all members, retirees and beneficiaries.


Online Enrollments

Online enrollments have been available through LSERSWeb since June 2012.  Last fiscal year 83 percent of all new enrollments were processed online and last month, 94 percent were processed by employers online.  Our goal is to have 100% of all enrollments processed through LSERSWeb next fiscal year.  Here are some helpful tips for processing enrollments:
  • Remember to click the "Search" button after entering the member social security number so the system will check to see if the new enrollee is already a member of LSERS.
  • Do not send paper enrollments to LSERS after you process the enrollments online.
  • You may upload birth certificates and other enrollment documentation at the time you enroll the member online or you may send the documents to LSERS with the beneficiary form.
  • Retain the Forfeiture of Benefits Attestation Form 2F in your personnel records. Do not send Form 2F to LSERS.

Contribution Checks Transmittal,
Form 4C


Please remember to complete a Contribution Check Transmittal form online in LSERSWeb when remitting contributions electronically or by check. Procedures for using the online form are located here.   The employer must provide a breakdown of the contributions listing member and employer amounts and  indicate which period the contributions should be applied.


Data File Names for Electronic Data Reporting

Just a reminder to use the proper naming convention when submitting monthly electronic data through LSERSWeb.   More information can be found here and below are the naming conventions for salary and insurance:
Salary file name: SALnnnn_mmyyyy
Where ‘SAL’ identifies the file type
‘nnnn’ is the employer/agency number
‘mmyyyy’ is the month and year of the processing period of the file

Insurance file name: INSnnnn_mmyyyy
Where ‘INS’ identifies the file type
‘nnnn’ is the employer/agency number
‘mmyyyy’ is the month and year of the processing period of the file


And, as always, we appreciate and welcome any and all comments, as this helps
us identify ways to make improvements for you and provide better service to our
members and employers. Feel free to provide feedback and suggestions using
the LSERS Satisfaction Survey on our "Contact Us" page on the LSERS website.

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