Retiree 1099-R’s will be mailed Starting today Thursday, January 24, 2013

Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.
Call LSERS at 225.925.6484 or  toll  free (outside the Baton Rouge area) at 1.800.256.3718 or e-mail us at if you:

·       Have not received your 1099-R by February 14, 2013
·       Need to request a duplicate copy
·       Need to report an error

We suggest contacting your tax advisor on any questions regarding the information on your 1099-R.

Reminder: LSERS retirement benefits are not subject to Louisiana state income taxes for residents filing a Louisiana income tax form.

Explanation of amounts reflected on the 1099-R form (see below):

Box 1 Gross Distribution – Total amount you received in the 2012 calendar year

Box 2a Taxable money you should report on your income tax return

Box 4 Federal tax withheld from your retirement benefit

Box 5  Tax-free portion of retirement benefits you received during the calendar year. This is NOT the amount of your insurance premium. It represents unsheltered contributions withheld from your salary before 7-1-1994 that had already been taxed. This amount is the difference between the Gross distribution in Box 1 and the Taxable amount in Box 2a. If you have no amount in Box 5 – you have no tax-free benefits.

Note: Disability retirees will not have tax-free benefits reflected in Box 5 until they reach their normal retirement eligibility age.