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Staff Directory

LSERS Staff is here to assist you as you plan your long-awaited and well-deserved retirement years!

General Information 225.925.6484
Toll-free number 1.800.256.3718
Fax number 225.922.1001

Administrative Department

Charles P. Bujol, Executive Director, 225.925.6484
Chenfei Zhou, Assistant Director, 225.925.6492
Vacant, Executive Staff Officer, 225.925.6484
Vacant, Executive Management Officer
Laura Pryer, Administrative Coordinator, 225.287.7484
Kim Green, Administrative Coordinator, 225.925.6484
Kandy Fly, Administrative Coordinator, 225.925.6487

Accounting Department

Tracy Gaudet, Chief Financial Officer, 225.925.6922
Derrick Dabney, Accountant, 225.925.6491
Leslie Freeman, Accountant, 225.925.7509
Qian Yang, Accountant, 225.925.4411

Information Technology Department

Tony Guzzardo, Information Technology Director, 225.925.6420
Chris Brown, IT Applications Project Leader, 225.925.1729
Kent Caperton, IT Technical Support Specialist, 225.925.7750
Jacob Summers, IT Applications Programmer, 225.925.7909

Investments Department

Matthew J. Freedman, Chief Investment Officer, 225.925.4121
Maxime Besse, Investment Officer, 225.925.4890

Legal Department

John W. Strange, Executive Counsel, 225.925.6490
LaQuinta T. Jordan, Auditor, 225.925.7492
Marcie Berkholz, Human Resources Specialist, 225.925.1801

Maintenance Department

Karl Cheek, Facility Maintenance Manager, 225.925.7694
Fred Seekins, Maintenance Repairer, 225.922.1321

Retirement Department

Mandy Schof, Retirement Benefits Assistant Administrator, 225.925.4394
Sarah Walker, Retirement Benefits Manager, 225.287.7493
Tanasha Brown, Retirement Benefits Specialist, 225.922.1304
Deven, Cole-Jackson, Retirement Benefits Analyst, 225.922.0220
Brooke Demoulin, Retirement Benefits Analyst, 225.287.7495

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