LSERS Membership Eligibility for Employees Age 60 and Over

Effective July 1, 2013 all employees hired by your school board or agency, who meet the definition of employee within La. R.S. 11:1002(13) for purposes of enrollment in the Louisiana School Employees’ Retirement System, shall be enrolled in this system, regardless of their age.

 La. R.S. 11:1002 Definitions

(13) “Employee” means any person legally occupying a position as a school bus driver who actually renders a service by driving a school bus during the full time of his employment, a school janitor, a school custodian, a school maintenance employee, school bus aide, monitor or attendant, or other regular school employee who actually works on a school bus helping with the transportation of school children, and who is a legal employee of a parish or city school board of the state of Louisiana, and shall include the employees of this system.

This memorandum shall serve as a recission of the memorandum issued by Ms. Debra Dudley, former Assistant Director, on February 11, 1994.

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Memo dated May 28, 2013 to All Employers