Benefit Recipient Verification Notices Mailed

By law, LSERS must properly operate and administer its public pension plan.  To do that, LSERS periodically must verify that its records are current and accurate.  As part of that process, on Friday, 8/11/2017, LSERS mailed approximately 5,200 Benefit Recipient Verification form letters to retirees, beneficiaries and survivors aged 75 and older who are currently receiving benefits.  The purpose of the form is to simply confirm that the benefit recipient’s contact information is current and that he or she is receiving their benefits.  The form must be completed, including two witnesses, and returned by 9/11/2017 to avoid interruption of benefits.  Completed forms can be returned electronically or by fax.

If you have questions, please contact Sarah Walker here at LSERS at 225.287.7493, or by email at or

Thank you for your cooperation.